Copelli's Finest

is Crescent Packing's own private label of deli products. Here at Crescent we maintin a high standard of excellence.  These products are specially made to meet these qualifications.  Since these products are made exclusively for us, we are the only supplier of Copelli's Finest deli products. 

These products are:

 Warehouse Code



 CFPRT  Copelli Pan Roasted Turkey Breast  2pc
 CFHMT  Copelli Honey Maple Turkey Breast  2pc
 CFGRT  Copelli Golden Roast Turkey Breast  2pc
 CFPCT  Copelli Peppercorn Turkey Breast  2pc
 CFLST  Copelli Low Salt Turkey Breast  2pc
 CFHBH  Copelli Honey Cured Baked Ham  2pc
 VCBFH  Copelli Black Forest Ham  2pc
 CFBHP  Copelli Pear Ham  2pc
 CFLSH  Copelli Low Salt Ham  2pc
 CFAMY  Copelli Yellow American Cheese 6/5lb 
 CFAMW  Copelli White American Cheese 6/5lb 
 HPMU  Copelli Muenster Cheese 6pc 
 HPPR1  Copelli Provolone Cheese 6pc 


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