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 Case Weight

NYR99102 Cheese Ravioli  12/16oz  
NYR99103 Spinach Ravioli  12/16oz   
NYR33115 Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Ravioli  12/16oz   
NYR99104 Whole Grain/Low Fat Cheese Ravioli  12/16oz   
NYR99105 Lobster Ravioli  12/16oz   
NYR99106 Portabello Mushroom Ravioli  12/16oz   
NYR33106 Meat Ravioli  12/12oz   
NYR33801 Cheese Raviolette  12/16oz   
NYR85001 Sovrano Cheese Ravioli  12/20oz   
NYR07254 Jolie Cheese Ravioli   8/12oz  
NYR07255  Jolie Broccoli & Cheese Ravioli   8/12oz   
NYR07250  Jolie Mac-n-Cheezy Ravioli   8/12oz  
NYR07259  Jolia Pizza-rolis   8/12oz  
NYR99107  Ricotta Cavatelli   12/16oz  
NYR99108  Cheese Tortellini   12/16oz  
NYR99109  Tri Color Tortellini   12/16oz  
NYR99101  Manicotti   10/6ct  
NYR87030  Sovrano Cheese Manicotti   6/10ct  
NYR99100  Stuffed Shells   10/12ct  
PA107  Park's Little Links 8oz 12/8oz   
PA109 Park's Little Links 16oz 12/1lb   
PA101 Park's Mild Roll  12/1lb   
PA103  Park's Hot Roll  12/1lb   
PA256  B & S Links  24/6oz   
PA257  B & S Beef Links  24/6oz   
PA262  Scrapple  12/1lb   
PA266  Cooked Chitts  12/28oz   
PA267  Cooked Chitts  8/5lb   

RS377 Redi Serve Chicken Strips  16/9oz   
RS350  Redi Serve Chicken Nibblers  16/9oz   
RS358  Redi Serve Chicken Patties  16/9oz   
RS477  Value Pack Chicken Strips  12/16oz   
RS450 Value Pack Chicken Nibblers  12/17oz   
RS458  Value Pack Chicken Patties  12/17.5oz   
RS550F  Family Pack Chicken Nibblers  6/35oz   
RS558F  Family Pack Chicken Patties  6/35oz   
RS177  Bulk Chicken Strips     
RS150  Bulk Chicken Nibblers     
RS158  Bulk Chicken Patties     
RS379  Chicken Cheese Strip  16/10oz   
RS351  Chicken Cheese Nibblers  16/10oz   
RS359  Chicken Cheese Patties  16/10oz   
RS55140  Family Pack Cheddar Nibblers  6/30oz   
RS54126  Family Pack Popcorn Chicken  6/30oz   
RS54230  Family Pack Dinosaur Bites  6/30oz   
 DR. PRAEGER      
 DPVB12  Veggie Burger    
 DPVRI12  Italian Veggie Burger    
 DPBB12  Bombay Burger    
 DPVRT12  Tex Mex Burger    
 DPPP12  Potato Pancake    
 DPBP12  Broccoli Pancake    
 DPSP12  Spinach Pancake    
 DPSPL12  Spinach Littles    
 DPBPL12  Broccoli Littles    
 DPSPPL12  Sweet Potatoe Littles    
 DPFFS12  Lightly Breaded Fish Sticks    
 DPMSP  Meatless Sausage Patties    
 HBMB2  Fully Cooked 2oz Meatballs    10lbs 
 MRMB5  Cooked Beef Meatball 1/2oz  Maid Rite   10lbs 
 MRMB1  Cooked Beef Meatball 1oz  Maid Rite   10lbs 
 MRMB2  Cooked Beef Meatball 2oz  Maid Rite   10lbs 
 TYMB  Tyson F/C 1oz Meatball   30lbs 
 CFSPT  Salted Tails   1/35lb 35lbs 
 CFSPT5  Salted Tails 5lb  6/5lb 30lbs 
 CFSBN  Salted Beef Navels  1/35lbs 35lbs 
 CFSSN  Salted Pork Snouts  5/6lb 30lbs 
 JABP4-6-8  Crescent 4-6-8oz Burgers   10lbs 
 BHBP4  Buffalo Burger 4oz   6lbs 
 BNSHB  Brooklyn Steakhouse Burger 12pc   
 EXOX  Excel Oxtails  15lbs
 AUOX  Tey's Oxtails  32lbs
 OMOX  Omaha Oxtails  15lbs
 OMCOF  Omaha Cow Feet  24lbs
 BBCOF  Better Beef Cow Feet  45lbs
 IBCOF  IBP Cow Feet  28lbs
 PACOF  Packerland Cow Feet  26lbs
 IPBLSL  IBP Sliced Beef Liver    10lbs
 IPPDL  Peeled and Deviened Liver  2pc  
 AMBLI  American Beef Liver  2pc  
 RRBLI  Ryding Regency Beef Liver  6pc  
 EXTR  Excel Honeycomb Tripe   10lbs 
 333TR  333 Honeycomb Tripe    20lbs
 OMHCTR  Omaha Honeycomb Tripe    15lbs
 PASTR  Packerland Scalded Tripe    30lbs
 333TRS  333 Scalded Tripe    44lbs
 333OM  333 Omassum    20lbs
 OMBI  Omaha Tripas    30lbs
 OMBTO  Omaha Beef Tongue  8pc
 NEBT  Nebraska Beef Tongue    10lbs
 BBBK  Better Beef Beef Kidney    10lbs
 NBBSW  National Beef Sweetbreads    20lbs
 CGBH  Rumba Beef Heart    20lbs
 MAMAB  Martin Beef Marrow Bones    30lbs
 HBBLZ  Beef Blood  1gal  
 HBBGH  Moore's Burnt Goat Heads    22lbs
 HBBGL  Moore's Burnt Goat Feet    10lbs
 BBCOFB  Better Beef Burnt Cow Feet    42lbs
 BBBSC  Better Beef Burnt Scalps    34lbs
 OMCHTZ  Omaha Beef Trimmings    60lbs
 PABSR  Packerland Beef Back Ribs    60lbs
 NEBNB  Nebraska Beef Neck Bones    55lbs
 AMSHV  American Beef Hindshanks  5pc  
 PAFB  Packerland Femur Bones    50lbs
 GEQC  George's IQF 1/4 Chicken 60pc   
 GELE  George's IQF Chicken Legs 48pc   
 GETHI  George's IQF Chicken Thighs    
 GECU3  George's 3oz Cutlet    
 TYCU6  Tyson 6oz Cutlet 2/5lb  10lbs 
 TYCU4  Tyson 4oz Cutlet 2/5lb  10lbs 
 PF944  Perdue 944 Cutlet    10lbs
 PPBCP  Pilgrim FC Halal Breaded Chicken Patty    13.24lbs
 TYCBT  G&C Breaded Tenders    10lbs
 HRBCT  House of Raeford Tenders    10lbs
 GECT  George's Chicken Tenders    
 DQCC  Dutch Quality Cutlets  2/5lb  10lbs
 PFCF  Perdue Chicken Feet (Roaster Paws)    22lbs 
 AFCF  Allen Chicken Feet    33lbs
 TYGCB  Tyson Grilled 5oz Chicken Breast    10lbs
 GAIQF  IQF Wings Select Servings  10/4lb 40lbs 
 PFKWH  Perdue Kick'n Hot Wings   10lbs 
 PIWZ25  Pierce Wing Zings    25lbs
 PIWD  Pierce Wing Dings    15lbs
 DQBW  Dutch Quality Buffalo Wing    
 GCGCB  Glazed Bnls Sknls Chicken Breast  4.4oz  
 GEDC  George's Diced Chicken Meat    10lbs
 TYCH  Tyson Single Cornish Hens    
 PFCH32  Perdue Cornish Hen 32oz    45lbs
 CG80134  Perdue Breast Nuggets  8/32oz   
 CG80135  Cooking Good Breast Strips  8/32oz  
 CG80136  Cooking Good Popcorn Chicken  8/32oz  
 CG80137  Cooking Good Breast Patties  8/32oz   
 HBCBW  FC Buffalo Wings  6/1.5oz  
 GAIQF  Golden Phoeniz IQF Wings  10/4lbs  40lbs
 TYCP  Tyson Breaded Chicken Pieces    48lbs
 TYSTCP  F/C Unbreaded Chicken Thigh Patty    20lbs
 BHYP  Bright Harvest Yam Patties  18/1lb 18lbs 
 HBJPC  Jalapeno Popper with Cream Cheese  4/3lb  12lbs
 HBMOS  Mozzarella Sticks Breaded  4/3lb  12lbs
 HBMOSB  Mozzarella Sticks Batter  4/3lb  12lbs
 PFTP5  Perdue Turkey Patties 5oz    10lbs
 PFTP4  Perdue Turkey Patties 4oz    10lbs
 CTMTB  Carolina Medium Turkey Burger    10lbs
 HMPS  Philly Cheese Steak 4oz    10lbs
 HBPSC  Philly Chicken Cheese Steak 4oz    10lbs 



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